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Turtle Talk
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Dive right into our wonderful world of turtles and delight in our art and giftware designs inspired by these beautiful creatures.

An idea first hatched on the sandy shores of the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados - where turtles are loved and protected - this website aims to promote the beauty of turtles and increase awareness of their plight worldwide through art.

If you love turtles and are one of many who have discovered our gem of an island, be sure to visit our family run chain of Best of Barbados Gift Shops and see our turtle range in person. We donate five percent of sales from our turtle merchandise to the Barbados Sea Turtle Project.

Their vital work in turtle protection over the last 20 years has greatly increased the number of turtles that successfully nest on the island and swim in our turquoise waters. SHOP Turtles!

Happy swimming!